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[Musikmesse] RME Audio Updates Fireface UFX

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RME Audio Fireface UFX
News RME Audio Fireface UFX

RME upgrades the Fireface UFX with a new feature: an integrated recorder for all inputs and outputs directly to USB memory devices with up to 2 TB.


Live concerts, band rehearsals or spontaneous jam sessions can be directly recorded and played back from the medium – plugged into the front of the interface – even stand-alone without computer or software. All 60 input and output channels can be individually chosen for recording.


The new addition converts the Fireface UFX not only to a stand-alone field recorder, but also to a multi­channel live player for previous recordings, e. g. for virtual sound checks.


The Fireface UFX records the pure input signals as well as the processed mixer outputs in any combination. The channels to be recorded can be selected directly at the unit or in TotalMix FX. Playback supports up to 30 channels, either into the UFX outputs or the TotalMix FX inputs, enabling a post-processing of the audio data with EQ, Dynamics and Echo/Reverb.


The UFX also plays back standard wav files that had been copied to the USB memory from a computer. For all this to work the recorder can be operated at the unit via two menu screens, with direct access from a front panel button. Additionally the recorder is now found in the TotalMix FX software user interface (Mac and Windows PC). From the mixer software all recorder settings and state displays can be overviewed, files can be selected, and channels can be selected for record and playback function by mouse clicks.


A preview of the new UFX software is available for all customers on the RME forum (www.rme-audio.de/forum, section USB). This preview also adds mono (single) channel hardware outputs to the TotalMix mixer view and the channel menu of the unit. In the unit all stereo channels are now shown as such.


The final version with all features will be released in May 2011.

  • Safeandsoundmastering 15 posts
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 04/05/2011 at 03:19:27
    Always decent quality and stable drivers from RME.

    online mastering

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