Swissonic USB Studio D
Swissonic USB Studio D

USB Studio D, USB audio interface from Swissonic.

Moa 04/13/2004

Swissonic USB Studio D : Moa's user review


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This is a rack mixer and audio interface pc / mac, which offers:
2 stereo bus
2 mic inputs with 48v, phase inversion and insert
2 between high impdance guitar
2 between phono
4 stereo line inputs
2 input / output optical or coax numriques
1 headphone jack
each gain knob between her
bargraph for the recording level
ASIO / MME provides non tlchargeable but on their site.

Ct is the complete sduit me, and use computer is possible.
Microphones, instrumentals and off you go!

ATTENTION we can only record the stereo mix of the inputs and not all of them sparment!
The product can prter confusion, gave the impression that one can do multitrack.

Dj I noticed this product and drops because of the price.

Buy discount 166 euros on the German site THOMANN, it is still 950 euros on that of SCV-Audio (France)


Installing child if they operate but holds no asio drivers, the industry and that's it (prvoir the Windows CD)
If you download the drivers and it is not much more complicated (I did test with win 98se).
Minimum latency 7 ms, 11 ms comfortably with an Athlon XP 2400 +, 512 mb.
You really have a glimpse of the device as a mixing desk.

It's not complicated but the manual is even when blah, and English (since bought in Germany)


Stability appears to be correct, but tt APRS to judge one week of use.
Do not expect the updates from SWISSONIC.
With prices like this, it is often the death announcement of a brand or qque something like that ... . Obviously I do not wish them a.
So this is probably a product "in the state", so I put only 8.

The USB-audio site. Com, which advelopp the product driver, may continue to be updates, but
they will pay.


See prcdemment.

After a few months:
I no longer used as an interface for, but as pramplis Mic Guit supplmentaire for my E-mu 1820M.
-Use prvue for a laptop on the move (one day)
-The CPU usage of USB is too big I got.
-I do not always return the quality of two micro pramplis really hot and sweet, despite their power.
-Best of all, between hi-z magnify the natural sound of electric guitars.

The price of the 1000 era was justified primarily by the quality of the pramplification System.