Tascam US-122
Tascam US-122

US-122, USB audio interface from Tascam.

M Elise 12/10/2008

Tascam US-122 : M Elise's user review


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This is an inexpensive USB powered external audio interface for your computer; the purpose of which is to replace your computer's built-in sound card and provide superior sound and better audio hook up options. It features two XLR mic inputs with phantom power option, two quarter inch line/guitar in jacks, two quarter inch insert jacks, adjustable input levels, RCA line out jacks, midi in/out, headphone out jack, headphone level knob, line out level knob, direct monitor level knob, switch for mono or stereo monitoring, and plenty of LED lights that help you see whats going on. The unit is solidly built and is housed in a metal case.


When I first installed this on an old G3 Imac there where a few timing issues but I was able to resolve them by adjusting the buffer. I once tried to install this on a friend's PC laptop and was never able to get it to work. It could have been the laptop or it could have been the US-122s software. I don't know.


I only used this unit briefly to make multi-track recordings. I have never had any problems. In recent years I use it occasionally to input cassette and LP recordings into my computer for conversion to audio CDs and MP3s. The unit works nicely with no issues. I like the unit ergonomically with its knobs on top, small size, and strong construction. Its easy, clear and straightforward to use. The unit sounds good but not as good as my Motu 828 Firewire audio interface. I can hear the difference but I don't know how to describe the difference. The US-122 is powered completely by USB so it makes sense that the amplifiers are not as sophisticated as a unit such as the Motu 828 which is powered by more juice.


I bought this when it first came out and at the time it was a ground breaking product for its price range. Now Tascam has a newer version and there are many other similar brands on the market. I have not heard or used any of these. However for my needs I have no reason to ever abandon this unit in favor of a newer one.