Tascam US-122
Tascam US-122

US-122, USB audio interface from Tascam.

EyeLWait4U 03/08/2008

Tascam US-122 : EyeLWait4U's user review


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The TASCAM brand US-122 interface quite simply allows you to use two line level inputs and two line level outputs to record professional sounding audio into your personal computer be it a PC or MAC brand. It's simple to use, easy to install (literally about 20-30 minutes) and it is really affordable. We purchased it on sale for about $185.00 at a local music shop shortly after it was released on the market.


Here are the facts: Most any computer has a crappy sound card. I don't care if you bought yours for 200.00 or more dollars. It is still crappy and produces good audio for your playback on the computer but not professional for professional audio recording. Now, I know, I know...you don't want to buy anything else. I get that. You've already spent too much money now to create you home studio. I did too. But, imagine a professional CD you produce that sounds great the first time, no pops, no clicks, no hisses and is CLEAN sound.


Note: This also instantly accepts non-powered microphones and it powers them with built in trinkle power (phantom power) and it also accepts guitar levels instantly. It features headphone and separate volume control and also full MIDI for your audio recording/keyboard and sequencing. It's not cheap plastic but steel. Buy you. You'll be glad you did.


Buy it! You'll be glad you did.