Tascam US-122
Tascam US-122

US-122, USB audio interface from Tascam.

moosers 01/11/2010

Tascam US-122 : moosers's user review


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The Tascam US-122 is a compact USB audio interface with both audio and MIDI capabilities.  This is aimed for the user who wants a small audio interface to build a small home studio around.  The US-122 has two XLR mic inputs and stereo 1/4" connections as well.  It also has a MIDI input and output and 1/4" outputs for monitors and headphones.  In total, you've got the ability to record two tracks at once, whether it be by mic or direct line.


The make up of the Tascam US-122 interface is very straight forward.  Everything is clearly labeled and easy to understand, as it is indeed catered for those who are new with audio interfaces and computer recording.  You can use the interface with pretty much any software, but I've used it with Cubase.  Since I wasn't using this within my own recording rig, I'm not sure about the specs that I used with it, but I do know that the interface ran smoothly and that I didn't get any latency will using it on a Mac Book lap top.  This only has the capabilities to record two tracks at a time, but I was able to run a bunch of pre-recorded tracks along with it as well.


The process of getting the Tascam US-122 up and running is one that I wasn't involved with as it was already set up when I tried using it.  However, judging by looking at it and from what I know about audio interfaces, I would say that this should be a fairly simple process to set up depending on what type of configuration you're running the interface with.  I've never had a need to check out the manual for the US-122, so I can't say anything about its make up...


While I can't say that the mic preamps on the Tascam US-122 have all that great of a sound, for those who want a low priced audio interface to get your home recording studio up and running, I believe that this should be tried out and investigated.  I love how compact it is, as it makes it easy to move from place to place if you wanted to get a mobile studio going.  It also has a good amount of features for such a small interface.  This is definitely a good budget audio interface to check out if you're looking for one to get started with.