Tascam US-122MKII
Tascam US-122MKII
theaudioandvideoguy 07/25/2012

Tascam US-122MKII : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

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This is a really small interface, the Tascam US 122 can be purchased online used for really really cheap. I was surprised by how cheap a used one was, so I looked to see how much it was brand new and it wasn’t much more. After seeing the prices on them, I was curious on how it sounded, after getting one I can say that the sound was great, the latency was basically absent and the quality was very clean and precise. I also noticed when I used a cheaper mic with it that the quality was not so good at all. So it really comes down to the daw and the mics that you will use with interfaces. That is my theory, so paying a lot of money for an interface really isn’t necessary , only reason I will pay a large amount of money for an interface from this point forward is for the ability to record multiple mics and instruments at the same time, and to have a rack able unit.


I didn’t find anything wrong or negative to say about the Tascam US 122. I have been using Tascams products for years now and they always hold up and never cause me any problems. Between them and Behringer, those are the two best small interface providers in my book.


No manual was needed everything is labeled and very easy to understand.


You will love using the Tascam US 122, its easy to use, and small. It will give you great recording quality as long as you have a good mic or at least a decent mic to plug into it. Invest more of your money into a good mic and good cables and get the Tascam US 122 used for around 45 dollars and you will have a good setup.