Terratec Producer Phase 26 Usb
Terratec Producer Phase 26 Usb

Phase 26 Usb, USB audio interface from Terratec Producer.

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Sigir 01/15/2005

Terratec Producer Phase 26 Usb : Sigir's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
I was looking for a card for a laptop with Windows and Linux (for later), with analog I / O, coaxial and optical numriques noon. Phase 26 USB has everything plus 6 outputs, one from Phineas and microphone input. So a trs note, especially for the price


The installation is not clear. In addition, there are two almost identical CD. Which one do?
After a few weeks trying to install diffrent Manir, dialogue with the media far more comical than all btisiers hot-lines found on the net, I finally arrived something or not following the manual nor the explanations of the media. But if the software does not gre ASIO, like Audition, there are only two exits. With Samplitude is good.

When the output numrique, either optical or coaxial, it does not work: if I want to record a sequence of tracks on an MD, in the silence of silence there really is to say that the MD dconnexion detects and displays an error message. By the time the next track starts, he has lost the 3 Premire seconds. has does not have with other hardware.


I tried to compare it with a blind SB Live and a RME Fireface. I recognize easily the Fireface, I find the harder phase better than SB 26.
as given the operating restrictions, I am little used. I read that you could not hear what is on SD when registering. I did not try I can not believe it, but I do m'tonne more about this card.
Finally, a note not too bad because I use that now for me: I keep it for dissemination in public, for not going through the internal card of the laptop and have a volume knob for headphones.


What I like most: caractrisiques on paper
What I like least: the output does not work numrique
Quality-price report bad since I have to go through another interface for numrique.
I do would do well sr no choice, nor because of the support Terratec compltement DLIR.