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JamVox 1.5

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Vox JamVox Monitor
News Vox JamVox Monitor

Vox Amplification announces version 1.5 of its JamVox hardware/software product.

A feature of JamVox is the GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function, which removes the guitar from any audio recording so users can play along, or isolates the guitar part so users can loop it or slow it down when learning difficult passages.

Version 1.5 features an enhanced algorithm for the GXT function and a new Easy Edit panel. The Easy Edit controls are designed to make it simple to quickly remove (or isolate) the specific target sound. The Tempo and Pitch Change functions have also been greatly enhanced via a new high-definition algorithm “zplane élastique efficient V2.”

It is designed to allow users to clearly catch individual notes with nuances during very fast passages, even when played at half tempo.

JamVOX v1.5 also adds three High-Definition Reverbs to the FX section, with parameters that have been optimized for electric guitar:
  • HD-HALL: Simulates the early reflections and reverberation of a concert hall with a high degree of accuracy. This setting provides the feeling of being on stage in a concert hall.
  • HD-CHAMBER: Simulates the sonic characteristics of a large chamber. Changing the parameter settings produces natural-sounding spatial simulations, as well as wacky-sounding reverbs.
  • HD-ROOM: Provides a high-quality simulation of room reverb. This more confined, intimate reverb simulation can be refined by editing the parameters.

Existing JamVOX users can access the new version via the auto-update function of the JamVOX software, or as a download from www.jamvox-online.com/downloads.
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