Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick Version
Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick Version

Portable Studio USB Stick Version, USB Key from Indamixx.

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Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick Version

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Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick Version for Netbooks and Laptops is an audio OS on a USB stick—a solution with a compilation of music-making applications designed to transform your netbook or laptop into a mobile recording studio.

Introducing Renoise, a Tracker based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
Through a strategic licensing agreement, the Indamixx USB Version features the availability of Renoise.

Indamixx USB Version—arange of software applications and production tools
Featuring Transmission 3.1 Real-Time Operating System, LinuxDSP, a suite of mastering plug-ins and effects; plus ArdourXchange thePro Tools-compatible protocol allowing for session importing into the Ardour DAW.

'Wear Your Upgrade'

Each Indamixx USB Version is individually numbered and ships with a special t-shirt that has your upgrade code printed right on the shirt we call 'Wear Your Upgrade.'


Indamixx USB Version - Features and applications

  • Transmission 3.1 - Real Time Low Latency Audio OS
  • Renoise - Super Tracker
  • LinuxDSP - Mastering plugins and effects
  • ArdourXchange - Pro Tools compatible protocol
  • Ardour - Digital Audio Workstation
  • Hydrogen Drum machine
  • Over 260 Plugins / effects
  • IDJC - Internet Radio Station
  • energy XT2 (demo version)
  • VST Host - Take your virtual instruments with you
  • Rhythmbox Music Player
  • Brasero CD Burner
  • Skype
  • Firefox

Pricing & Availability

Available now at for $149.00 at: and Musician's Friend.

For more information, visit
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