Sony DSR PD170 P
Sony DSR PD170 P

DSR PD170 P, Video Camera/Camcorder from Sony in the DSR series.

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yoTrakkz 08/12/2011

Sony DSR PD170 P : yoTrakkz's user review

« Proffesional Camera in HD »

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The Sony DSR PD170 P is a beatuful camera, that will record in full HD and look GREAT. This is not a camera you want to get if you just want to shoot some video blogs. This one is for the big stuff, like recording a game, or an event. This camera can make you some money in the video recording field, becuae this is the quality that people play for. Very easy to use, turn it on make some minor adjustments depending on lighting and you are good to go.

This camera records great in low lighting situations, that is why the price of this camera is so high. Because you are going to have to pay for this quality! When you are looking at the screen while recording you will be able to tell just how good the quality is. I suggest going to a store and just messing with this camera for about 20 minutes and you will be sold.

Overall a great camera, but its expensive and out of most peoples budget. But this isn’t for the youtube bloggers, this is for mini films. Shooting sporting events, or weddings. This camera is a professional camera and Sony always delivers a great product and support. This is a must have if you can afford it. The one thing that blew me away with this camera is the on board mic. The Mic that comes with this camera will give you crystal clear sound, almost like if you had a boom mic and were recording some great audio. This produces great audio and video, the camera is very light and easy to carry around, which is a plus for anyone who will be using it. You can have this camera out and recording whatever you want in no time, power it up and hit record!