Native Instruments Razor

Razor, Virtual additive synth from Native Instruments.

stompboxjon 06/19/2012

Native Instruments Razor : stompboxjon's user review

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Native Instruments came out with Razor a few years ago and immediately I wanted to know what it was about . Mainly because I know Native Instruments repuation for putting out great synths, vst’s and plug ins. So I knew that I had to see what Razor was about. Getting started with it was so simple, I didn’t need to touch the manual and setting it up in my pc was very easy quick and painless. In fact I still have it on the same pc to this day and still gets used a lot and never causes any problems.


It has never crashed, or at least I cant remember it crashing or freezing. It hasn’t caused in problems, the software runs great on in windows XP. My XP machine is rather old and it still runs good. The software by Native Instruments is very stable as most of the plug ins that make are.


I am very happy with razor, Razor gives you a bunch of presets to mess around with and to mold them into your own sound or however you want it. Razor is actually one of the easier VST’s to operate and manipulate that native instruments has put out. Believe me Native Instruments has put out some vst’s that are a hassle to use and to work with, but this isn’t one of those at all. You will love Razor and you will use it often. If you have any problems with it just contact NI and they will take care of it really fast like they did for me after I had a license issue when transferring it to another machine. All I had to do was call them up and tell them that I cant find my codes and registration stuff and they where able to look it up and take care of me really fast. They have great customer service.