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Prominy SR5Rock

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Prominy SR5Rock
News Prominy SR5Rock

The SR5Rock is a virtual guitar instrument designed to capture the sound of Musicman StingRay5 and includes approx. 15 Gigabytes / 14,000 samples.

Main Features:

  • SR5 SPM (Super Performance Multi) that enables keyboard players to instantly access and play various bass guitar playing techniques in real-time.
  • Auto Stroke Detection
  • Realtime legato slide
  • Realtime hammer-on / pull-off /trill
  • Assignable Key Switch
  • The lower note samples (low B – low D#) are included.
  • Direct signals from the bass guitar
  • Kontakt Player 4 included (No sampler required)


Video demos: http://https://prominy.com/demo/SR5/video/SR5_video_top.html" https://prominy.com/demo/SR5/video/SR5_video_top.html


Product details: https://prominy.com/SR5.htm" https://prominy.com/SR5.htm


Pricing & Availability

Now available. Special Introductory Price $99.00 USD (available through 31/August/2010) MSRP $149.00 USD

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