Rattly And Raw Martin France Drums
Rattly And Raw Martin France Drums

Martin France Drums, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Rattly And Raw.

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Rattly and Raw Martin France Drums for Kontakt

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Rattly and Raw and Martin France recorded the artist’s drum and cymbal personal collection for their new Kontakt library.

To create the new Martin France Drums sample library for Kontakt, the Rattly and Raw team asked Martin France (Elvis Costello, David Gilmour, John Paul jones, Django Bates…) to record 36 drum elements from the artist’s personal collection, which includes rare and more popular models, from a 1920 snare to classic 60s and 70s cymbals. Recordings tool place is a church and 14 GB (32 GB pre-compressed) features 32,900 samples in 24-bit mono and stereo WAV format.

Following are the details of this new Martin France Drums library:

  • 4 bass drums
  • 8 snares with three articulations (center, rimshot and cross-stick)
  • 5 rack toms
  • 3 floor toms
  • 5 types of hi-hats with 4 articulations
  • 8 type of ride cymbals with 6 articulations
  • 3 types of crash cymbals with 3 articulations
  • 32 pre-programmed kits
  • Effect section with compressor, tape saturation, transient shaper, distortion, convolution reverb (24 custom reverbs), brightness enhancer sampled from a Pultec EQ and equalizer
  • 38 effect presets
  • Volume and decay controls for the room, overhead and close microphones
  • Tuning in semitones
  • Link button that allows for controlling the volume, decay and tuning of the full selected kit
  • Volume control (+/- 12 dB) for each articulation
  • Convolution resonance control for the toms
  • Soundcheck button for articulation MIDI mapping
  • MIDI note assignment for articulation triggering
  • MIDI Learn for each articulation
  • Presets
  • Mixer page with Peak-style real time meters, phase reverse button, mute, solo, reverb sends, pan, high-pass filter for the kick and high-end boost for the snare
  • Tweak page for the polyphony and velocity response adjustments

Martin France Drums is designed for Kontakt 5 and the free Kontakt Player 5. It will be available on September 28th for the price of £99. Full details are already online at www.rattlyandraw.com.




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