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Rayzoon Jamstix 3.2

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Rayzoon Jamstix 3
News Rayzoon Jamstix 3

Rayzoon has released version 3.2.0 of its virtual drummer Jamstix.

This update offers various enhancements and fixes and is available now to all Jamstix 3 owners at no charge. The demo version has also been updated.



  • While in preview loop, the current bar can now be changed via clicking on the bar timeline.
  • Added 'End Crash’ sound selection option to fill generator and global action menu.
  • Added 'Send Whole Kit To MIDI Channel’ function to kit menu.
  • Sound selection menus now also show related kit piece name.
  • Added options to 'Global Actions’ in song menu to enable/disable start crash and end crash options for fills.
  • Added velocity offset for Jamcussion. Hold ALT while in JC mode and the song power knob will show and adjust this offset. Turn left to reduce JC power and vice versa.
  • Added 'Position-Based Dampening’ to kit menu, saved to project.
  • AUTO and BAR settings now save globally.
  • Added 'List Brain Elements’ to brain menu.
  • Groove brain elements can now be moved (left-click header).
  • Added missing value display for several brain controls.
  • Added list of installed expansions to ABOUT screen (click on JAMSTIX header).
  • Added ini file option 'LargeTuningRange’. If set to 1, kit editor tuning will be +/- 80% versus the default 20%.
  • Velocity line color in the bar editor can now be changed in ini file as BGR value (i.e BEVeloColor=$00FF00 is green).
  • Locked note color in the bar editor can now be changed in ini file as BGR value (i.e BELockedColor=$FF0000 is blue).
  • Fixed copy/paste of multiple parts.
  • Fixed problem with spaces when renaming Jamstix classic controls.
  • Fixed fill settings resetting when adding groove or accent brain elements.
  • Fixed GUI confusion when re-opening JS in Jamcussion mode with GUI caching disabled.
  • Fixed mixer being bypassed when 'Never Downmix’ is enabled.
  • Fixed 'Behavior’ and 'Alternating’ not updating in GUI when changed via MIDI controller.
  • Fixed groove weights resetting when reloading non 4/4-projects.
  • Fixed problem in the 'Freestyle’ hihat opening element.
  • Fixed problem when loading liveloop songs.
  • Fixed 'Turn Groove Into Style’ not working with groove-changing players.
  • Fixed 'Auto Snare’ not working with 'Jamstix Classic’ style.
  • Fixed static tom usage in “Tom Groove” element.
  • Fixed graphic overlap in Jamstix Classic brain controls for non-4/4 meters.
  • Fixed error when changing hihat sound.
  • Fixed problem with excessive snare notes with certain styles.
  • Fixed groove functions of player models creating notes in intro parts.
  • Locked notes are no longer suppressed by blocking functions such as 'Early Downbeat’.


More information on this update can be found here.

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