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Rayzoon Announces Jamstix 3

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Rayzoon Jamstix 3
News Rayzoon Jamstix 3

Rayzoon announced that Jamstix 3 is now in a public beta for Jamstix 2 owners.

Jamstix 2 users who are eligible for a free upgrade to Jamstix 3 (purchased after 05/11/2009) will automatically receive a separate mail with download links and license key when Jamstix 3 is released and do not need to buy the pre-order.

Jamstix 3 is scheduled for release in Q1 2010.

The major changes from version 2 are as follows:
  • larger user interface with improved graphics
  • load-on-demand sample management reduces memory usage, speeds up kit loading and allows kits with higher detail and more articulations
  • new ‘Song Wizard’ allows you to quickly develop a song structure based on your specific needs (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Pre-Chorus etc.)
  • a new top-down virtual kit displays the current kit with correct drum and cymbal sizes and also allows rearranging them, which also affects the limb calculations
  • new styles, new players and a new stock kit
  • new 'Intro’ style supporting cymbal intros and drumstick/hihat count-ins
  • new 'Freestyle’ offers wide range of genres in one style similar to the Jamstix 1 Free-Jam mode
  • built-in mixer now controls up to 8 stereo channels and also features a new ‘delay’ effect
  • bar editor now supports multi-event selection/editing
  • time signature support has been expanded up to 7/4 (14/8)
  • audio outputs can now be reduced to one (stereo) for minimal CPU usage.
  • the ‘brain’ display now auto-arranges elements horizontally and vertically to use screen space more efficiently
  • the new kit display allows adding/changing and removing sounds via a right-click context menu
  • drum module mode is now activated by depressing the current jam mode button
  • kit piece editing now uses articulations for faster workflow
  • improved ‘alternative sound’ logic for missing kit pieces
  • groove A.I. elements can now be ‘frozen’ in their current state to exclude them from re-composition as well as ‘hidden’ to reduce cluttering
  • modified styles can now be saved as style ‘presets’
  • modified drummers can now be saved as drummer ‘presets’
  • improved groove fill algorithm
  • added ‘Extract From Player’ option to combine elements from multiple players
  • style and player extraction tool now also support composition and play filters
  • added new accent period feature to have accents added in specific bar intervals only
  • Jamstix 3 supports all existing Jamstix 2 styles, players and expansion Paks and can also load Jamstix 2 song, part and bar files

Check out Rayzoon for more.
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