Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX
Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX

New York Studios Vol.3 SDX, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack in the Superior Drummer series.

stompboxjon 01/13/2013

Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX : stompboxjon's user review

« Thank you Nir Z »

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Volume 3 of the Toontrack New York Studio is an expansion pack for anyone who has ToonTrack. It has over 18 GB of sound and is compatible with Mac and PC computers. This expansion was a must have for myself and my group because we have been using ToonTrack for years now and it is always a huge bonus when they come out with these expansion packs because of the quality. Installing this expansion pack was easy due to the fact that you already have the main software installed. It does take a few moments though to load in the 18 plus Gig of sound into your system but it is well worth the wait.


All of the sounds/presets are set up into categories like they were on volume 1 and volume 2. You can easily scroll through the sounds manually or you can get right to the sound you want to get to by going through the categories. There are also a lot of great fills for your chorus, intro, outro’s, and bridges. The fills have always been one of my favorite aspects of Toontrack because it gives you realistic fills if you are looking to have that authentic drummer sound and feel with your music.


All of the sounds that come with Volume 3 are very good just like the previous 2 versions. They are of great quality and recorded in the best possible studio they could be recorded in. This pack works with Superior Drummer 2.0 and EZdrummer (which is what I use).
This is the newest pack from Toontrack and it is by far the best New York Studio volume that they have come out with so far. The main creator of this pack is Nir Z, he has been on tour with John Mayer and Jason Mraz. So I knew that it would be great, I love all of the fills and sounds. They really keep my creative juices flowing while giving me realist drums from a pro!