Toontrack The Classic EZX
Toontrack The Classic EZX

The Classic EZX, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack in the EZ Drummer series.

tarrtime 02/12/2013

Toontrack The Classic EZX : tarrtime's user review

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The Classic EZX is a multi-sampled drum library. I have to give Toontrack credit for really increasing the sound quality of the newer EZX packs by using a lot more velocity layers/round-robin samples and also including more kit pieces. Compared to older EZX packs, the new ones are a lot larger and sound much closer to the 'professional' SDX libraries than an 'amateur' EZX library. This EZX pack is also really great to use inside of SD2 rather than EZX. You can control the mic bleed for all the instruments in SD2 if you don't want your cymbals washing in your room mics. You can also layer multiple kit pieces using X-drum in SD2.


I would definitely recommend this EZX for anyone using EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer 2. Compared to the stock EZ Drummer library, the Classic EZX is significantly better in sound quality and versatility. I have several other drum software libraries (BFD2, NI Studio Drummer, SSD4, Addictive Drums) and I find that these Classic drums are perfect for songs if I am going for the 60s/70s thick and dry drum sound. Don't be put off by the fact that these are an EZX and not an SDX, they sound great. I also like that the drums sound great as soon as you load them up without a lot of tweaking. This saves time when I am doing a major session.
The library is easy to install, and can be downloaded off the Toontrack webpage. Authorization is really simple for all the Toontrack products. Assuming you are interested in the Classic EZX because you already own EZ Drummer or SD2, everything is pretty much the same getting started with the software.


The Classic EZX is an expansion sample library for Toontrack EZ Drummer and can also be used with SD2. This EZX actually appears as two separate EZX libraries inside of EZ Drummer because it comes with two different mic setups. First, all the drums were recorded with the typical mic setup with close mics on every drum and also OH and Room mics. The second mic setup is a 4 mic setup with close mics on the kick and snare with one overhead over the snare and the other overhead next to the ride. The second mic setup is truly old school (ala 4 track tape machine) and goes great with these drums if you are going for the 'Classic' old school sound. Having both options makes the library very versatile from 60s/70s era drum sounds to more modern pop/rock sounds.