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[NAMM] One Small Clue Poise Update

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One Small Clue Poise
News One Small Clue Poise

One Small Clue has updated Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.9.3.

  • The demo limitations have changed.
  • Modified save routines. Some drum kits were not loading properly and kit could become corrupt.
  • Rename now renames all selected pads.
  • Poise allows multiple cells and layers to be selected, but de-selecting them hasn’t been intuitive. Cell and layer de-selection now works as it does in windows. (i.e. Click selected item and release).
  • The way the delete key works has been changed.
  • The layer selection method has changed to improve consistency.
  • When multiple drum pads are selected, Pad de-selection has been changed to mimic Windows.
  • Added a 'Progress’ dialog when loading and saving drum kits. The dialog boxes are optional. Reaper users are recommended to turn them off.
  • One click to trigger a pad option added.
  • Added mouse wheel support for the browser.
  • Poise will now ask for a temporary file folder if a sample needs to be edited or copied and the sample file doesn’t exist.
  • Browser can now see drum kit files (.dkt). Load drum kits by dropping on a pad or pressing enter.
  • The 'End’ key triggers the selected drum pad.
  • Updated some skin functionality. – Skins now use a config.ini file instead of a config.txt file. The INI file format is easier to read and edit.
  • “Save Kit + Embed Samples” changed to “Export Kit (one large file)”. Functionality remains the same.
  • Save Kit + Samples will check for an existing sample directory and delete any contents if need be.
  • A couple of checks have been added to ensure sample data isn’t lost when saving projects or drum kits.
  • Updated about box, added credits for skin creators.
  • Poise is drag+drop compatible with Image Line Edison again.
  • Fixed: CPU spike bug. When triggering long samples (5 seconds+) the CPU load would spike, causing audio dropouts in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Renaming pads would trigger a window’s warning sound.
  • Fixed: The pitch envelope wasn’t being reset properly when a drum voice was retriggered.
  • Fixed: Sample offset wasn’t being saved.
  • Fixed: After loading a drum kit, the sample path info could sometimes be incorrect leading to 'missing’ samples.
  • Fixed: Poise was holding onto excess ram after loading patches.
  • Fixed: The mouse-over indicator on the sample list box didn’t update correctly when the mouse left via the top of the control.
  • Fixed a problem with GUI scaling.
  • Fixed: When saving a FXP or FXB in EnergyXT, Poise would still capture keystrokes.

For more info, check out www.anothersmallclue.com.
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