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Poise Percussion Sampler Updated to v1.0.10

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One Small Clue has updated Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.10.


* To reduce save data sizes, missing or orphaned sample data is no longer automatically embedded into the project file. A message dialog will pop up instead (This should help with sluggish-ness problems in REAPER).
* Drum kit load and save times are much faster now.
* MIDI is now passed through to output.
* Amplitude envelope attack time now defaults to 0 instead of 1.
* Page Up / Page Down now work to navigate the browser.
* "Export kit with samples in file" (the monolithic drum kit format) has been removed to improve compatibility with REAPER. Poise will still load existing kits saved using the monolithic format (To avoid removing the option for monolithic drum kits, a restructure of the drum kit format and a involved code rewrite would have been needed).
* If only one folder is added to the browser, it will automatically expand when the GUI is opened.
* The behaviour of the browser scroll bar has been fine tuned a little.
* Added rudimentary support for importing LM-4 and MPC 1000 drum kit files. Improvements and more formats are planned.
* Added support for SND files (Akai MPC etc.).
* Added support for AIFF files (8,16,24 & 32 bit AIFF file supported).

Bug Fixes:

* Loading drum kits no longer freezes the GUI.
* Clicking a pad while holding Ctrl and Alt keys would cause an error.
* Drum kit files dropped on a pad from windows explorer were being ignored.
* There was an error when dragging and dropping more than 8 samples on a single pad.
* Long samples (>10 seconds) would play with very loud noise bursts.
* Keyboard shortcuts in Podium didn't work properly (Keyboard hook was attached to the wrong window).
* Pressing the left arrow key immediately after opening the GUI would cause an 'access violation' error and possibly crash the host.
* Fixing the bug causing EnergyXT 2 to crash while changing the output count had the side effect of making Poise unable to change it's output count in REAPER. A work-around has been added to fix this for REAPER users (REAPER doesn't report it's ability to accept IO changes correctly).
* In some situations, a drum kit would load with incorrect sample paths.
* Layer mode button visibility state wasn't updated correctly when cutting or pasting pads.
* When operating in fixed-output mode, output config menu options are now hidden.
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