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One Small Clue Updates Poise

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One Small Clue Poise
News One Small Clue Poise

One Small Clue has updated Poise to version 1.0.19.

  • Change: new skin color properties added:
o PadControlLabelColor.
  • o BrowserLabelColor.
o SampleControlLabelColor.
  • Change: Gem theme now default
  • Change: Normalising samples on load is now optional.
  • Improvement: Added a third play mode, “Auto”. It is a hybrid of the “Note-On” and “One Shot” modes. Samples will play to the end when envelopes are off. Envelopes will have their release stage triggered on midi note-off events.
  • Improvement: Some general improvements when searching for lost files.
  • Improvement: Drum kit data folders aren’t shown in the browser anymore.
  • Improvement: [Ctrl + Alt + Drag and drop one pad to another pad] will set up a pad link.
  • Improvement: Triggering a pad with the mouse now also triggers all linked pads.
  • Improvement: Pads are now triggered with different velocities depending on where they are clicked.
  • Improvement: Layers triggered with the mouse will trigger with appropriate velocities.
  • Improvement: The “select pad with midi note” option now also selects the triggered layer.
  • Improvement: When clicking a pad, the triggered layer will automatically be shown.
  • Improvement: All previous search paths are used when searching for a missing sample file.
  • Improvement: 'Learn all trigger notes’ now works a little differently.
  • Bug Fix: When importing a cell, velocity ranges were sometimes restored incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Loading more then 8 sample files on a pad would lead to a crash.
  • Bug Fix: When dragging a sample from one pad to another, multiple samples would sometimes be moved.
  • Bug Fix: Loading projects saved with the demo version would cause errors.
  • Bug Fix: After learning trigger notes, parameters weren’t able to be adjusted.
  • Bug fixes related to new save/load methods introduced in version 1.0.15.
  • Bug Fix: Amplitude envelope type wasn’t restored when loading projects/kits.
  • Bug Fix: Relative paths are now stored in the drum kit files.
  • Bug Fix: sample file locations weren’t saved correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Some changes to the the way embedded sample data was saved.
  • Bug Fix: Velocity values from older drum kits were read incorrectly.
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