Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity
Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity

Electri6ity, Virtual electric guitar from Vir2 Instruments.

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mrjason 11/28/2012

Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity : mrjason's user review

« Great guitar functions and great price »

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The Vir2 Electri6ity is perfect for a keyboardist or piano player who wants to be able to do some really good guitar stuff. Most all keyboardists like me are good on the keys but not with any other instrument mainly a guitar. This is a chance to get the great guitar tracks that you want to add to your music without having to outsource and pay a guitarist to come in and lay something down. This VST can take care of everything for you, you will get some great guitar models like Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Strat, Tele and a few others that are really good as well. All of these guitar models will be right at your finger tips and you can use your keys (which you are already good and familiar with) to play them. There are also amps that you can use with each guitar and some of the amps are classic, jazz, metal, modern and British. I have never heard of a guitar sound coming out of a VST sounding as good as it does coming out of the Vir2 Electri6ity, you will have full control over your guitar model and can even do some slide noises and other great things that are guitarist can do.


Installing and setting this software up is quick and simple. It does not take long for it to load up and since it is a VST you can use it with any program that supports plug ins. I have used it in Reason and Cubase the most and in both of them it works great. The sounds that you will get from this VST are amazing, you will have some real guitar sounds available for all of your songs and without the need to actually play the guitar.


You can use it on a Mac computer and a PC, you will need to use ASIO drivers if applicable though because if you don’t have a system that can handle a lot of CPU then you might be sunk. Once you get into using Electri6ity and adding some effects it can start to eat up your CPU. This is an affordable plug in and a great buy!