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Light Guitar AU Software

Russell Stoneback has released the Light Guitar plug-in, a new, free, Audio Unit plug-in designed to reproduce the behavior of the Light Guitar, a musical instrument that uses light to make music, and allows you to customize the sound of the instrument by adjusting various parameters.

The plug-in is built on Core Audio. Plug in your instrument of choice, load the plug-in into Garageband (or equivalent) and enjoy.

Adjustable Parameters:

  • The frequency multiplier slider effectively increases/decreases the size of the instrument, changing the sound of the guitar.
  • Two different configurations were measured for the Light guitar, one that excites waves on the outer surface of the instrument and one exciting internal modes – both are included and independently selectable.
  • The strings on an acoustic instrument have a large effect on the instrument’s sound and the same effect applies to light instruments. However, a string for a light instrument is a coaxial cable. The real/imaginary impedance sliders allow you to easily alter the “string” connected to the light guitar.
  • The impulse slider lets you change how long the light guitar effects music played through the plug-in.
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