CFA-Sound MonoGrizzly
CFA-Sound MonoGrizzly

MonoGrizzly, Virtual hybrid synth from CFA-Sound.

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MonoGrizzly, FilterGrizzly LITE & Rom-Tron Expansion 01

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CFA-Sound has announced the release of MonoGrizzly, FilterGrizzly LITE and Rom-Tron Expansion 01 - Northwood Grand.


MonoGrizzly is a monophonic synthesizer designed to deliver "nasty and raw bass and synth sounds, right next to smooth resonant sounds using up to 12 waveforms at once." It's available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.



FilterGrizzly LITE is the analog-modeled lowpass filter of the MonoGrizzly which is designed to offer "a smooth filter with self-resonance and fuzz-drive." It's available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.



The Rom-Tron series offers a sound collection designed to cover all areas of the sound-spectrum, from "high-class bread-and-butter sounds, via never-heard acoustic instruments to processed sounds," according to CFA-Sound

The Rom-Tron expansions come in two formats: as NKI for Native Instruments Kontakt, with script, and in the MSE format for the included Rom-Tron Player plug-in, which is designed to offer the option to use the sounds directly, without the need for Kontakt.


The Rom-Tron Player will be included with every expansion and works on Windows and Mac OS X (Intel) in VST and AU plug-in hosts.

The Northwood Grand delivers a grand piano, captured in two versions along with the wooden acoustics of the room:

  • 1 unique Grand Piano.
  • Comes in two versions (Player & Room).
  • Every single key recorded with 4 velocity layers.
  • 340 samples in each instrument.
  • 32 bit wav / 44.1 khz in Rom-Tron Player format.
  • 24 bit wav / 44.1 khz in Kontakt NKI format.
  • Key-range C0 - C7.
  • Content-size: 4.11 GB (1.99GB packed).


Rom-Tron Player Features:

  • 64 voice polyphonic.
  • 32-bit (sample content is also resampled into 32-bit float).
  • DFD (direct from disk streaming).
  • All sample-instruments also for NI Kontakt (3.5 or higher).



  • MonoGrizzly costs €40 but is available for the introductory price of €30 until February 28, 2011.
  • FIlterGrizzly LITE is available for free.
  • Rom-Tron Expansion 01 - Northwood Grand costs €15.
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