Camel Audio Alchemy
Camel Audio Alchemy

Alchemy, Virtual hybrid synth from Camel Audio.

Camel Audio Alchemy Update & Demo

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Camel Audio has updated Alchemy to v1.08 and released a demo version.

Alchemy v1.08 includes improvements and fixes including reduced CPU consumption, the ability to import files from external drives and improvements to the installer. The manual now includes a tips and tricks section, and is available to download as a PDF file.

The free demo is functional for three weeks. The demo comes with 40 presets and 100MB of samples to give you a taste of the 2GB of samples and over 300 presets in the full version. Alternatively, import your own WAV, AIFF or SFZ files into the additive, spectral and granular resynthesis engines.

New features in v1.08:
  • Mac import browser allows browsing of external drives (in the Volumes folder) as well as following aliases and symbolic links.
  • Mac installer allows data to be installed to selectable location.
  • Runs on Receptor via unsupported method.
  • Responds to all MIDI channels 1-16.
  • Installer improvements: moves keyfiles and searches for RAR files and keyfiles in the same location as the installer as well as on the desktop (must extract mkpg file from dmg for this to work on Mac).
  • Downloadable PDF manual (from first page of Wiki manual).

  • Fixed CPU spikes.
  • Improved randomization for Loops, Guitars and Arpeggiated folders.
  • Improved default path for Additive and Spectral file menus.
  • Fixed so files with capital letter extension shows up in source menu.
  • Improved so moving fine tune and pan displays values -100%..100%.
  • Fixed crash importing single cycle waveforms in additive mode.
  • Fixed web menu options in file menu.
  • Fixed Alchemy blocking Cubase Key Commands.
  • Fixed problem with some AMD processors.
  • Fixed incompatibility between Alchemy and Orion.
  • Fixed issues with random button.
  • Fixed so save dialog shows up even when GUI is closed.
  • Improved sluggish response of modulation depth knobs.
  • Fixed modulation menu for depth knobs.
  • Fixed MIDI learn and unlearn on depth knobs.
  • Fixed double click on the modulation depth knobs to set to default.
  • Fixed timing accuracy when running at buffer sizes > 256 samples.
  • Fixed mac file menus to deal with more then 256 items.
  • Fixed problem with WAV files with non lowercase extension.
  • Fixed problem with WAV files inside a folder called "Alchemy".
  • Fixed AIFF file loading issues fixed.
  • Fixed so AlchemyConfig.txt gets created if it is not present.
  • Fixed so yellow modulation ring is updated when copy/pasting mod.
  • Fixed spelling of "Tune Coarse".
  • Improved remix pad response.
  • Fixed so first note plays even if placed at starting position.
  • Fixed Audio Unit so it deals with sample rate changes correctly.
  • Fixed loop points in sampler mode to synchronize with warp markers.
  • Fixed partial pan values so they can be set in overall mode.
  • Fixed playback of samples with very short (<64 samples) loop lengths.
  • Improved song saving so only asks for data saving location when AAZ data greater than 1MB and user locations are identified properly.

Check out for more info.
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