Native Instruments Massive

Massive, Virtual hybrid synth from Native Instruments.

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All user reviews for the Native Instruments Massive

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 27 reviews )
 18 reviews67 %
 6 reviews22 %
 1 user review4 %
 1 user review4 %
 1 user review4 %

BadApple's review"Best vst in the world."

Native Instruments Massive
With native instruments massive you sometimes have a bit of trouble installing it.
I however did not have this trouble but some people using digital audio workstations such as cubase and logic have a problem with it crashing when installing.
Everything on this synth is very easy to work out.
Everything just seems to be in the right place in terms of the vst, all the envelopes are located near each other and the oscillators are all under each other.
I found it relatively easy to set up but that is just me.


With my configuration as a laptop with 4gb memory and a 1.8GHz processor makes everything work as it should.
I will admit though that running a lot of massives all at once with a lot of delay will make your program lag a little, not enough to totally put you off but just a little that it can be annoying at times.
The performance is great, it even has extra settings on the vst such as eco, pro and ultra for how good performance you want.
Sometimes this vst will crash but it is an easy fix but can get irritating if you are half way through a track or something like that.


This vst in my eyes has to be the best vst no doubt about it.
Everything is amazing on it, simple layout lots of features envelopes lfos effects eq make this vst stand out from the rest.
I would like more envelopes personally to make even crazier sounds but I am happy with what is on it at the moment.
Sound quality is brilliant.
Value for price is great. I would like it to be cheaper but we all would want things cheaper anyway.
I would definitely make the same choice if I was needing to buy it again.
Perfect vst in my eyes.

moosers's review

Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments' Massive is a collection of synthesizer sounds, found in Komplete, which houses all of Native Instruments virtual instruments. Massive on it's own is also sold and features everything you'd find in an analog synth and more. You can use Massive in Logic or other DAW's and on it's own I believe, although I've personally only used it in Logic. I don't own it myself so I wasn't involved with installing it or anything. Learning to fully understand everything happening in Massive will definitely take some time! The interface is great and user friendly but there is so much jam packed into this software that it's going to take some time to get used to it all. That's really going to be the case with an super in depth virtual instrument, so it's no different with Massive and is perhaps even more exaggerated because of it's reach. The manual might be a good thing to have around for new users.


I've used Native Instruments Massive primarily on a friends system who I work with. He's got a decked out Logic set up and we work on his system when we're working in the box and mine when we're doing actual acoustic recording. I don't know all the specs that he's running, but it's an Apple G5 computer that's running both Logic and Pro Tools, although we only use Massive in Logic. It's his go to virtual synth and we use it on pretty much everything we do together. You definitely need to have a good system to run this!


If you're looking for the ultimate virtual synthesizer, Native Instruments' Massive is for you. I'd highly recommend checking out Komplete 7 as a whole as it's a nice savings when you break it down per price per piece of software included. Massive is probably my favorite of the bunch, but each does it's own thing and everything included is quite useful. Massive on it's own has some of the best digital synth sounds I've heard, as everything from the leads to the bass synth sounds are great. You can tweak to your heart's desire and make your own sounds as well. It has all sorts of effects, filters, and everything you'd want when getting your synth sounds. Massive really is one of the best when it comes to virtual synthesizers.

songboy's review

Native Instruments Massive
I have had no compatibility issues running this synth on my macbook. I have not needed to reference a manual as this is your basic synthesizer setup. Yes, the general configuration is simple enough. You have all the traditional elements of an analog synthesizer set up in an easy to read/use Graphic user interface. Yes, all the typical functions are right in front of you and easily accessed.


When I first got this unit and started using it in Logic 8, it would occasionally crash. I use it now in Logic 9 and Ableton 8 and there has been no problems whatsoever. I don't know whose fault it was (logic 8 or NI) but everything seems to work great now. I give it a 10 out of 10 for performance. Great sounds, great interface and it functions well with all of my midi gear. I have been using this synth for about a year now.


What I like most about this synth is that the GUI is rather large. This is important for me because I use a Macbook with a 13" monitor and some synths are so small you end up struggling to control them in live situations. Other important things to mention is that the sound quality is really good, as you would expect from Native Instruments. There is nothing I dislike about this synth that I can think of. The sound quality is very good. Its clean and warm when you want that and its gritty and digital sounding when you want that too, very versatile. I got this one in a package deal and I don't recall how much I paid for the whole thing, but I do remember it being a good deal. I have used a lot of synth plugins over the years and this one is definitely up there. I have to admit that I don't use it nearly as much as I used to but that's only because I am in love with Rob Papen's synths and Absynth. Yes, I would buy this synth again, especially if it was a part of a good deal package.

lejamboncbon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pffffff"

Native Instruments Massive
no microphone connectivity anything unless you open the software or has the possibility to configure the midi and audio but mouaich


I use OSX mavericks and c va.Apres a virtual synth with lots of routing to do to have a diversified and is boring


In short c void and you get the same sound as if you took absynth or FM8 see those rob papen

In short you weary thee quickly

sonicsnap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the sound of modern music"

Native Instruments Massive
I decided to put a notice for each of my favorite apps. It would have been difficult to ignore Massive, although many other reviews have already been posted for ages.
Easy installation. Authorization on-line without too many problems with the software "Service Center" comes with each soft in NI.
Mass is accompanied by a French manual of 124 pages (let it to go around the parameters available) there is no need to go. Massive is not that complicated: It is very intuitive and contrary to the essence, we can do without instructions. But it would be a shame to miss small interesting features like the side-chain or "bypass mix", for example.
For comprehensive overview of functions horizon, I refer you to the comprehensive test Wolfen. Just remember that Massive is a subtractive synthesizer and wavetable. Note that we have available 86 waveforms well differentiated. Still, the originality of this synth is not located here. Yet Massive sound good to him that clearly differentiates it from its competitors. It's the result of a choice of parameters thoughtful, very effective, that are unique to this synth and who even before attacking the filters, you can have extremely varied sound materials. Emphasize at this point the relevance and effectiveness of the "oscillator modulation" which greatly helps to twisted sounds.
The filters themselves are very good quality and some types are suitable for Massive ("acid", "daft" and especially the very characteristic "scream", which is aptly named.) Then, the effects inserts help make sounds more "rough" and master effects sound great. Note among them a find: (. But can recognize a mile from his created Massive) the "Dimension Expander" which gives a great extent your presets
Finally modulators (ADSRs, LFOs, Performers, Steppers, Macro Commands) are very well done and way stations, ergonomic and always to have an overall view is just great.
So if Massive is not distinguished from its competitors by its basic concept is in fact a remarkable amount of detail that give it thought and originality that make this synth requires a sound all its own.


Perfect stability and smooth operation on Mac Pro, Mac OS 10.6.8 and Digital Performer. CPU consumption is very reasonable in normal use, but with a 64-channel unison oscillators plus three "oscillator modulation" the limits of my processor it borders. In this extreme case, I would have turns any other plug-in my DAW. But hey, there's plenty to do without seeking such ends.


I use Massive for years and I can easily say that this is one of my favorite software synths, quality and originality of sound, range of possibilities and ergonomics.
When he came out, Massive seems he struggled a long time to find its audience. First, because saturating the processors of the time, but probably because its presets really fit in with any known musical style. In addition, its sounds rather icy could divert part of the race warm sound. But in recent years it has become one of the most popular software synths. Just to realize, to see the frightening number of tutorials found on the web. Certainly, "dubsteppers" is are seized and have done much to its reputation. But it has also come to realize that Massive excelled as to create extremely punchy sounds tablecloths and very spacey reasons, and we finally had to deal with a very versatile synth. And finally, Massive embodies pretty much the sound of modern electronic music.
Among VSTis I have, Massive is competing with two wavetable synths: Predator and Gladiator. But it beats Predator in its ability to produce sounds which differ from common synthesizers and it surpasses its Gladiator great intuitiveness and ease of programming.
In fact, by its strong personality, Massive Massive sounds. And whatever the infinite variety of sounds, they are often quite identifiable. The only risk he runs so is that the mode changes. But hey, I bet there are still new sounds to do with this wonderful synth and it has not finished delight us especially if used in music that eschewed major trends that make mode.

shifte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great for everyone"

Native Instruments Massive
-The installation is done it without problem?

normal .. like any VST easy, no problems

-Have you encountered any incompatibilities?

no .. for any time I use it with cubase and live .. with many other vst

-The general configuration is easy?

simple ... I've seen much more complicated!

-The manual is clear and sufficient?

I is not had in hand (occasion. ..)
May it do not stop me! as what it is = very intuitive)


-What is the configuration of your computer?

Asus (laptop)
Owner: AMD Athlon (tm) II P320 Dual-Core 4GB

75.5go memory

I did tour

Cubase5 + VST / VSTi (Massive, FM8, minimoog .....)
ableton live 8 + VST / VSTi


contakt / audacity

and yet its MASSIVE runs very well ..
(On Cubase and Live)

The software works-he correctly on this configuration?

Massive does not consume much CPU
and runs on any!


-How long you use it?

for less than a year ..

-What is so special that you love the most, least?
IT more
his SONS! explosive! you can do anything!
grain routing (single effective

IT less
may be lack of macro control (6)
May suffice ...

-How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?

very good price! if I had to keep a VST: Massive's hesitation ..
and yes I rachèterais!

ophope's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the top of the dark"

Native Instruments Massive
Quick and easy installation

easy to use

a lil problem with fruitty but nothing serious or very complex ... everything works


8gb of ram
intel i5
map its native instrument

the pc is very efficient in window 7

software function perfectly

a single crash in 6 months of use and I did all turn at the same temp so yes it is very stable


its been 6 months that I used

frank c is the top to make big bass is very deep and easy to use c therefore I have not tried aillor it suits me, its costing more really cheap so I would do without this choice esiter

Now if c is the sound that acoustic vs. cherhez, go your way ...

squallfar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" From his MASSIVE:)!"

Native Instruments Massive
Works perfectly in Logic Pro 9, no installation worries.


I have a intel core 2 duo with 4GB of RAM and I'm multiply tracks it does not crash. Massive does not require a lot of resources compared to kontakt example. I have been using


soon 1 year and yes I have tried many models you can not even imagine!

I find this exceptional instrument for several reasons:

-The automation is probably best thought of all the software ever released to date, in fact, simply assign the 8 knobs of his physical controller knobs noon to 8 virtual Massive. Once this step can be done given the massive virtual knobs to most filters, effects, oscillation, ect .. AND EVEN MORE PARAMETERS AT THE SAME TIME! Imagine you change the cutoff frequency of a filter while changing the first phase of the oscillation at the same time as we increase the rate of oscillation of the 2nd LF0. Brief insane!

-The sound capabilities are huge!

-The grip is far from difficult, at the beginning then you are lost in the end we realize that it's very intuitive, I looked at the dozen tutorials on youtube there and we understand very quickly mechanisms of the instrument. It's like a big Malmstrom and more advanced (for the connoisseurs of reason). In addition the factory presets can also be used as tutorial.
Finally if you do not know software will watch videos on youtube to get an idea of its capabilities because for me it has become essential in all my electronic compositions.

Ouioui2306's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE Boomba BB!"

Native Instruments Massive
The installation is no problem as other vst tt!
I have never read the manual c is a synth found in the tt mass functions found in classic mao


J have a small laptop ds that I can open it already a lot of body mass without too much problem of latency or freeze the cpu to not bother to extend m m when I used to fix most pc Motu 896 MK3 is c tt good


I have been using more than one year may have near as many other plug of native instrument

I love that c is the wave forms embedded in this pluguin the sound filters and system lfo or polyphonic unison and spread the available

c is now clear it sounds good, but the performer personal and really not very useful when it is about to work seriously (it is more likely to use automation in daw)
but I think that c is a system that can be trainer for noobs

this plug loads many forms of sound synthesis tete fm rm additive subtractive

I don t like more than that the onboard effects (of tt way when you want big sound it makes ca in the mixer with other large plugs)

the Enwrapping are enough for me to be practical

the fact of having boxes under each parameter for link the lfo ect again c is very good trainer but I appreciated a longer modulation matrix and much more effective control is via the DAW (via multi-link with other plug twelve o'clock ect)

but hey I did it with what nimporte vst synth then again .... AC may be more but my mind is useless c

the mass remains one of my favorite porn I plug it opos rapture of the cakewalk that I prefer (c meter is possible to clean waveform) c but this is two highly complementary
Summary of c is very good plug for the connoisseur who will benefit from very good sounds
also very educational for noobs
and above all things and before c is a very good sound pluguin search the easy part of link tt lfo and another on the para and multilink with Velocity keyboard key and after that stuff tt


supamonsta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good synth VST very complete and capable of very big sound!"

Native Instruments Massive


macbook 2.4 ghz 4gbram

CPU uses a lot of presets for heavy-type drones with lots of variations

otherwise very well for a more "classic" (3 osc, filters, effects and variations + qq)

a few crashes in the beginning but the regular updates solved the problem


I did not because I am used too quickly past the hardware analog synths

but I bought it after just used a friend's house and have found the sound huge.

I am always satisfied with the sound obtained with the short time that I used (some pieces composed with).

It is great full or complex. Very efficient to create sounds with rhythmic patterns or patterns of variation, with many parameters modulation (several step sequencers easy to use)

I will not repeat that choice because I am now ironed to hardware synths, synths and I love fiddling without turning to computer;)

Otherwise, it is really a killer on certain sounds and styles (wobble dubstep, electro blip drone electrik electro ...)

can sound very, very fat, such as highly crystalline

Briefly, this would be my regular synth plugin if I had not given the hardware