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Neo-Soul Keys now available on the iPad

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Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys App
News Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys App

Virtual instrument for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Gospel Musicians

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Public price: free

Gospel Musicians announces the availability of its three Neo-Soul Keys virtual electric pianos on the iPad.

Neo-Soul Keys for iPad features a sound sample library that makes use of the sample streaming in Apple Lossless CAF format, which allows for reducing the 1.25GB content to 328MB. This sample streaming technique allows for conserving the same sound quality as the libraries used on Mac and PC, and using zone switching, velocity layers and more.

The Neo-Soul Keys is available for free on the AppStore and gives you access to demo sounds for the three Stage, Wurli and Suitcase electric pianos. Note that you will need an external MIDI keyboard controller for there is no virtual keyboard in the app. You can then buy the complete versions of each piano via in-app purchase ($9.99 for Suitcase, $5.99 for Wurli and Stage each).

The app requires the iPad 2 with iOS 6.1 and later, offers up to 8 velocity layers, a 48 voice polyphony (and more on the iPad 4) and the latency is 20ms.

  • ronnie_coolblues 1 post
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 03/23/2013 at 14:35:13
    The ipad may be (by the uninformed) a toy,however i am a recording engineer and have use the iPad to record guitars and I must say,that the app that I used to record with gave me the best recorded guitar sound that i have heard without miking so good in fact that other engineers in my area always ask me how I get my guitar sound,another thing to be aware of is that there are a couple of pro level DAWs for IPad that is not only endorsed by professionals but pro level software pluggin companies have jumped on the bandwagon,so you can see that the ipad can be a pro level recording and mixing solution if one so chooses and there is more that enough pro level i/o solutions to help facilitate that.
  • Banshee in Avalon 144 posts
    Banshee in Avalon
    Honorific member
    Posted on 03/23/2013 at 16:08:11
    I totally agree with you, I use the iPad to create music and it gives me full satisfaction. Some apps are really Pro level and regarding hardware, this is only the beginning, so there will be even better controllers in the near future.
    Can you tell us what apps you use ? The ones you like the most / the least ?

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