Leisuresonic SynthTronica
Leisuresonic SynthTronica

SynthTronica, Virtual instrument for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Leisuresonic.

public price: $4 VAT
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Leisuresonic SynthTronica on the iPad

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SynthTronica is available now for the introductory price of $4.99.

SynthTronica is a programmable polyphonic spectral synthesizer for iPad.

92 Sound Presets

  • Virtual analog sounds
  • Vocal sounds including vocoder effects
  • Looped grooves providing a full ensemble sound



  • Share your own presets using preset importing and exporting


Dynamic Multitouch Filter

  • Control up to 11 independent filters by touch

Formant Synthesizer Architecture

  • Filters use time-varying spectral formants

Formant Editor

  • Organize, edit and view formants in spectral form

Create New Formants

  • Import audio files (mp3, m4a, AIFF, WAV, et al) using the iPad's microphone, or through SynthTronica's unique Dynamic Multitouch Filter


Multiple Keyboards

  • Two piano-style layouts and a grid keyboard


Record and mix your performances

  • Simultaneous recording and playback of mixes
  • Bouncing

Share your mixes

  • Export SynthTronica recordings as 24-bit or 16-bit AIFF or WAV audio files

Explore musical scales

  • Display scale patterns on keyboards
  • Over 70 scale choices

Interactive Synth Controls

  • Virtual analog synth front-end
  • Reverberation

Contextual help

  • Nearly all interface elements have documentation by touch, according to Leisuresonic

Coming Soon:

Midi support, sound importing from iPad's local iTunes library


Check out the App Store for more.

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