Best Service Era Medieval Legends
Best Service Era Medieval Legends

Era Medieval Legends, Virtual Intrument Bundle from Best Service in the Eduardo Tarilonte series.

Public price: $219 VAT
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Best Service Era Medieval Legends

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Best Service has released Era Medieval Legends, another library from Eduardo Tarilonte.

Era is a sample library featuring a set of historical instruments, for your Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy musical productions.


It features plucked, wind, reed, bowed, key and percussion multi-sampled instruments as well as a collection of "magical" soundscapes. It comes with 10 GB of 44.1kHz / 24-bit samples, 45 instruments (30 melodic and 15 percussion) and 100 soundscapes. A total of 170 patches.


Era Medieval Legends is powered by the Best Service ENGINE and so is available for Windows and Mac OS X in standalone and VST, AU, and RTAS plug-in formats. The Pro-Edit page is designed to allow almost unlimited editing of the sounds. No parameters are hidden. Deep sampling, round robin, real legato and real portato are the highlights of the library, according to Best Service.


  • Renaissance Recorder Consort (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass)
  • Traditional Soprano Recorder
  • Traditional Wooden Flute
  • Gemshorn
  • Crumhorn Consort (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass)
  • Bagppipe A
  • Bagpipe D
  • Chirimia
  • Bombarde
  • Anyafil
  • Shofar
  • Bass Viola da Gamba
  • Fidule
  • Hurdy Gurdy
  • Baroque Guitar
  • Renaissance Lute
  • Renaissance Small Harp Renaissance Small Bray Harp
  • Zither
  • Psaltery (Stroken)
  • Organetto
  • Spinet
  • Virginal
  • Army Piccolo Snare
  • Barbarian Frame Drum I
  • Barbarian Frame Drum II
  • Frame Drum (stick)
  • Bombo Leguero
  • Bumbac High
  • Bumbac Mid
  • Bumbac Low
  • Distant Drums
  • Execution Snare I
  • Execution Snare II
  • Juglar Snare
  • Tambourine I
  • Tambourine II
  • Tambourine III
  • Church Bells

Sound design:

  • 46 Soundscapes
  • 21 Mysterious Atmospheres
  • 3 Mysterious Bells
  • 14 Scrapes
  • 24 Whooshes



$219 / €199.

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