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[NAMM] Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

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Digidesign Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack
News Digidesign Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

Virtual Intrument Bundle from Digidesign belonging to the Pro Tools series

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Digidesign will introduce and reveal the new Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack at this weeks NAMM.

Features summary
  • Low price (TBA NAMM 14–1–10)
  • One installer
  • One activation code for all instruments
  • 55 GB of linear (uncompressed) sound content – time to buy ANOTHER hard drive!
  • Bug fixes – Pages of them!

  • Enhanced Style editor
  • Improved MIDI export, (MIDI-Record button for easier handling, only one PT MIDI track needed instead of up to 15 in older Strike versions)
  • User Sample Import (YES you import your own samples)
  • Over 10 GB of new content (25 GB total):
  • 2 acoustic new Drum Kits, recorded in Nashville Blackbird Studios (these consist of two full drum kits plus 2 kick drums and 4 snare drums – all sampled in high definition with a vast variety of playing styles and sub-instruments)
  • New Instruments: Bongo Hi, Bongo Lo, Chimes, Drum Sticks, Finger Snaps Single, Finger Snaps Group, Hand Claps Single, Hand Claps Group, Tambourine, Cowbell, Metallic Perc
  • 3 new electronic drum kits
  • 55 new styles
  • 3-D drum animation

  • Giga-Sampler format import
  • Added EXS modulation matrix support (Structure now imports also LFO and Modwheel assignments)
  • Enhanced database (improved usability, automatic re-scan)
  • Digidesign Basic Orchestra (new orchestral content: Digidesign’s own orchestra and it’s beautiful)
  • Digidesign Piano B (new content: custom-made Digidesign grand piano for Structure),
  • Nashville Signature drum kits (From the Nashville sessions at Blackbird studios)
  • Orchestra control features (special MIDI control features to create ultra-realistic simulation of playing styles)

  • New Reverb FX module, (Three reverb types: Ambience, Spring, Room
  • DX Tine Sounds now built in with 9 new tines

  • New “Roland 303” like bassline module
  • New 6-band Parametric EQ effect module for accurate frequency surgery on your loops
  • New Electronic drums created by AIR
  • New Loops from BigFish audio

  • 2 New waveforms for oscillators 1 and 2 (Multi-Saw and Multi-Square)
  • New waveforms for noise oscillator (Blue, White, Mod, Crackle) – Cool for R&B Bass and percussion
  • 256 new patches

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