ProjectOne BombThatBeat
ProjectOne BombThatBeat

BombThatBeat, Virtual Loop Tool/Slicer Sampler from ProjectOne.

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sixtyseven 03/18/2008

ProjectOne BombThatBeat : sixtyseven's user review


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Easy installation, he extracted himself in the VST directory.
I failed to find a manual on the web but the turn of the functions is done quickly.
Using fairly simple but requires a lot of tweaking to tame the software to begin with.


As said, it is unstable, uses a lot of icing on the resource and Bedo, it produces sound pest at times ...


I used it 5 times but I avoid while waiting to find a replacement.

Successful result and interesting concept, shame about the development to be on standby because a lot of bugs corrected and not

Plug-in unstable, he happens to crash Cubase SX when used with other plugins and vst effects.

Resource-intensive, producing parasites.

I will try to replace beatburner! Audiofanzine thank you!