EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition
EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition

Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition, Virtual Orchestral Instrument from EastWest.

julian_r7 09/20/2014

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition : julian_r7's user review

« Slightly outdated yet awesome tool »

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I was about to start a project that required orchestral samples and I got advice to use Quantum Leap: it turns out that this was great, because it spared me from going through hundreds of mediocre plugins.

The installing process is as simple as any other plugin of the sort: install it and load it from your DAW. I never had any compatibility issues, and the software is clear enough that it does not require a manual for basic use: all the modelling tools are visible from start. I only did resort to the manual when I came to use Keyswitch samples and other advanced options, and not only the instructions were clear but also it provided me with means of making my music more realistic and full of subtleties.


I run this in an I5 and I usually don't experience any performances issues or crashes. That is, when I don't overload my DAW. Running two or three instances of this particular sofware may hinder your performance significantly, especially if you are using keyswitched patches. I've used this software for at least 3 years now and to be fair I'd be totally lost without it, as it has turned out to be the most versatile tool you may be able to find in the market.


As I said before, the best thing about this piece of software is its awesome versatility. The sheer number of articulations and dynamics you can get from every instrument (together with subtle timbre changes based on dynamic), combined with the possibility of loading more than one sample on a single instance, modelling timbre, and effect variables (chorus, delay, reverb) make for a must-have tool in the modern musician's arsenal. To be totally fair, the sounds are a bit dated now (specially some strings sections and brasses), you can bet much better particular samples if you resort to 8DIO tools, but those take up a great deal of space, while Quantum Leap offers a whole orchestral library, full with percussions and effects for a moderate amount of memory. I think this is an indispensable tool for any aspiring orchestral composer or arranger, as it makes for excellent mockups or even professional work (as long as the orchestra isn't the main dish on the music).