EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra, Virtual Orchestral Instrument from EastWest.

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stompboxjon 07/05/2012

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra : stompboxjon's user review

« you will always need orchestra sounds »

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I have been using EastWest Products for a while now and I have actually been using this East West Symphonic Orchestra for about 7 years now. I will continue to use it too, because it is just that good. There are some area’s where it lacks and could use some improvement. The interface is one of the best things about East West Symphonic Orchestra. It is very easy to use and navigate through, everything seems to be very easy to get too because there really arent many on screen options that take you to another menu or anyting. Everything is just right there which makes it a breeze to operate and work and compose with.


Very quick and painless installation. I have been using it for many years now and still havent ran into any issues with compatibility or anything.


Sounds are really good, all of the orchestra sounds are very authentic and real. They took the time when developing this software to not make it like every other orchestra vst. They wanted it to really bring a real orchestra feel through the digital world and they have completed that task without a doubt.

This is a must have for almost any computer composer. You will always need good orchestra instruments throughout your musical career. it’s a great software to have on hand even if you don’t use a lot of orchestra instruments because messing with the sounds in East West Symphonic Orchestra will strike new inspiration. The value for what you get in this software for the price that it cost is great, the price is very reasonable and what you get for that price is unmatched in other orchestra vst software plug ins. This orchestra vst plug in is my top 3 favorite orchestra sounds for the digital world. There is no substitute for good authentic orchestra sounds.