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ModernBeats Brass-n-Stringz

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ModernBeats Brass-n-Stringz
News ModernBeats Brass-n-Stringz

Virtual Orchestral Instrument from ModernBeats

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Featuring 780+ loops (846MB in size) of Brass and Strings melodies in construction-style format, ModernBeats delivers a melodic construction style loopset with 21 multi-track Brass/Strings music themes in Urban Pop, Hip-Hop, & Modern R&B styles.

Each instrument performance is separated into its own loop file.


Brass-n-Stringz Main Instruments & Articulations:

  • Brass Sections (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato, slides)
  • Cellos (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato)
  • Choirs (choir pads, gregorian choir, boys choir)
  • Contrabass (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato)
  • Doublebass (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato)
  • French Horns (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato)
  • Orchestral Stabs (mix of durations, dynamics, timbres)
  • Pizzicato Strings (mix of durations, dynamics, timbres)
  • Strings Sections (adagio, marcato, pizzicato, sus., tremolo)
  • Trombones (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato, slides)
  • Trumpets (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato, slides)
  • Tubas (adagio, allegro, legato, marcato, slides)
  • Violins (adagio, marcato, pizzicato, sustained, tremolo)
  • Violas (adagio, marcato, pizzicato, sustained, tremolo)


Brass-n-Stringz Bonus Instruments:
Breath Sound FX, Celesta, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Hand Bells, Harp, Kalimba, Marimba, Organ, Piano (classical, tremolo), Synths (leads, pads, subbass), Timpani, Triangle, Tubular Bells


'Brass-n-Stringz’ Loops is organized into 3 Hip-Hop industry tempo groups and key signatures: 70bpm = Key of D major/minor, 73bpm =Key of C major/minor, and 76bpm = Key of G major/minor. The loop library features aacidized WAV format for use with Acid Pro and
all WAV format supporting music software.


Pricing & Availability

Brass-n-Stringz Loops is offered as a download, priced at $39.95.

For more info & audio demos, visit www.modernbeats.com/loopsets.php.

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