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Symphobia & Orchestra Brass Updates

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Project SAM Symphobia 1
News Project SAM Symphobia 1

ProjectSAM has released version 1.1 updates for Symphobia and Orchestral Brass Classic.

Symphobia v1.1

New content in 1.1:
  • New articulation: fast attack ensemble strings mf/ff (modwheel control).
  • New articulation: brass chords without tuba/bass note (modwheel control).
  • New effect: string ensemble very slow glissandi.
  • New effect: string brass ensemble dark textures.
  • New effect: string brass ensemble trill crescendo.
  • New effect: string brass ensemble trill marcato.
  • 20 New Multis added, now 40 Multis in total.

Improvement & Additions in 1.1:
  • Color code added to interface to quickly identify section.
  • Expression (CC11) control added to all programs.
  • ADSR control page added to interface.
  • Keyswitches moved upwards to fit within 88-note keyboard range (C6 and up).
  • Improved round robin behavior: now functions properly regardless of amount of notes pressed in chord.
  • Smoother Modwheel (DYN) patches throughout library.
  • Modwheel switch programs (MOD) added as alternative to Keyswitching.
  • Improved tuning in vibrato woodwind ensemble.
  • Tighter attacks for various articulations, including string staccato/spiccato.

Bug fixes in 1.1:
  • Kontakt 3-specific: release triggers now function properly.
  • Kontakt 3-specific: vibrato woodwind sustains now playback correctly on PPC.
  • Kontakt 3-specific: Dystopia II patches now sound correctly.
  • Solo string ensemble round robin gaps fixed.
  • Various acoustic artifacts removed from samples.
  • Various other programming bugs fixed.

Orchestral Brass Classic 1.1

Improvement & Additions in 1.1:
  • Smoother Modwheel (DYN) patches throughout library.

Bug fixes in 1.1:
  • Incorrect loop points fixed.
  • Trumpet Section close mic references fixed.
  • Various Keyswitch (KEY) patches fixed.
  • Various round robin cycles fixed.
  • Various Kontakt 3-specific bugs fixed.
  • Various smaller bugs fixed.

NOTE: Both products were created for Kontakt 2.2.5. This means that they can only be opened in the included Kontakt Player 2.2.5 and/or Kontakt 3 (or higher). They cannot be loaded into Kontakt 2 (or lower).
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