AudioSpillage DrumSpillage
AudioSpillage DrumSpillage

DrumSpillage, Virtual Percussion Synth from AudioSpillage.

psantoni 01/01/2013

AudioSpillage DrumSpillage : psantoni's user review

«  Original and very musical, I love it! »

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Trouble-free installation, the manual is clear. The setup is a little confusing at first as the possible settings that great. After handling, all flows.


Purring on a macbook 2009 (10% maximum CPU on a great duo core 2.4 Gh). I will not go through all the technical details, but broadly what I like:

- Super Potato, watch your speakers
- Separate audio output for 16 pads
- Controller Integrated XY pads for each
- Ability to render kits (one sample of each pad generated in a folder in one click)
- Freez kits (saves CPU)
- Function of random super-efficient real-time to vary the sounds or generate new ones.

A small sequencer have been welcome however ...


It's been four months that I use and it is the best percussion synthesizer that I've used. The sounds range from the classic TR emulation, to very complex sounds sythétiques (FM & co). The plugin has a signature sound very original and distinct. Dynamics is really great and sounds of slaps fire god is great place in a mix.

For the price, the possibilities for creating and modulation, originality and sound quality, only one verdict:
Test the demo emergency!

For me it is a new plugin standard. It became my only tools for generating synthetic percussion, I use in all my pieces ...