D16 Group Drumazon
D16 Group Drumazon

Drumazon, Virtual Percussion Synth from D16 Group.

Drumazon 1.1.7 Update (VST, AU)

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Drumazon has been updated.

Internal sequencer management
- Basic functionality of sequencers is as similar as possible
- Default settings were changed (Int Seq is on, Int Sync is on)
- Host play detection while sync with host was fixed, improved and
- Patterns Load/Save usage unified
- Randomizer behavior unified

Output management
- No master output available. All instruments are routed to 1st output
by default.
- Routing management unified
- Trigger Output (audio) is present and is routed always to last
available output
- Mono/Stereo modes for all audio outputs

Preset management. All drummachines have identical behavior:
- each preset covers whole drumkit
- presets are organized in groups
- preset manager is available
- preset storing behavior (available in options)
- filenaming conventions

Default resources can be defined
- Presets
- Internal patterns
- Midi CC map
- Drum map (for external mode)

- Settings management is unified (Options button)
- Midi learn usage unified
- GUI updates
- Naming midi notes with patterns' names or instruments' names
(depending on work mode). This function can be unavailable if host
doesn't support it.
- Bugs with parameters automation were fixed
- Midi Outputs for internal seq mode (available in VST only at the

Specific Drumazon Changes
- Internal Seq modes were changed
- Pattern Store button was removed
- Randomizer works also on flam'ed steps
- Rescale function was removed
- Shuffle, Flam and Tempo are stored per pattern
- Total Accent level is global
- Leds for pattern length indications were added
- Separate display for internal tempo was added
- Instruments' activity leds were added
- Added single track shifting during internal patterns edition
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