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XILS releases StiX v1.0

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XILS-lab StiX
News XILS-lab StiX

Virtual Percussion Synth from XILS-lab

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XILS has released version 1.0 of virtual percussion synthesizer StiX.

Announced as working “rock solid in all hosts/systems”, version 1.0 of StiX is available now and includes the following features:

  • Synthesis with Virtual Analog morphing oscillators, FM @ audio rate, Sine + Waveshaping, Samples, CroSS Synthesis. 4th Gen 0DF Filters, Macros Knobs, Step Modulators, LFOs, Unique R-Clap Evs and ADSR, exclusive PolyStep auto-modulator : A whole synthesizer to taylor each of the 10 drum sounds.
  • Variable number of sequencing steps per Beat, Per Step Divisi, Gate Time, Micro Position, Macro Modulators, Velocity, plus Song Mode to organize patterns.
  • Enhanced workflow with XoX Sequencer Multiline and SingleLine views, Synthesis Eazy And Advanced pages
  • 2000 presets : 120+ Global Presets, 720+ Patterns, 700 Drumpads, 60 Drumkits, 390 exclusive samples (and still growing)
  • Midi Output :  Control your virtual instruments, or record the midi data in your Daw
  • Midi Learn : Full automation of all synthesis parameters of all drumpads, mixer etc
  • Drums of the Past : 15 Wave Alchemy Drumkits ( Roland TR-xox, EMU SP12, Drumtracks, Linndrum etc )
  • Multi criteria Database engine : Find the right preset in minute, create custom tags
  • Randomize : Drumkits, sequences, full patterns
  • Live Control : Chain patterns, mute/unmute tracks on the fly.
  • Swing : Sophisticated swing engine
  • Multi Output version : With volume, groups and pan preservation
  • Natural Reverb, Analog Delay & Phaser, Per drum crusher and distorsion
  • Sample Accurate synchro and audio engine : The tightest beats for your tracks
  • Envelope segments modulations, hundreds of modulation targets. Simultaneously.
  • Gang Mode to edit Sequencer Lanes, mixer, effects sends

StiX is currently available at the special introductory price of €125 until May 5th, 2016, after which the full price of €179 will apply. More details to be found at www.xils-lab.com.

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