EastWest Storm Drum 2
EastWest Storm Drum 2

Storm Drum 2, Virtual percussion from EastWest.

Mickamix 09/15/2010

EastWest Storm Drum 2 : Mickamix's user review

«  excellent huge! »

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Engine installation = Play galley!
Manuel unthinkable to provide this kind of document to buyers can ...


config midrange
Poor performance ... and 2.5Ghz with 4GB of dual core
I can not load the big banks that run more than 8 tracks and drum with dedicated midi ... it's my fault Ordi *!
average stability *


1 year of hard use ... I also came with the competitor Independence Pro ... who did not midi files.
the sounds of an incomparable power! Terminator is redone Finger in the Noise!
BlockBuster big sound! there's no big + of my knowledge
is clearly excellent!
However, it lacks a choice of file more "calm" because the sound is huge again, metal is desired, depth delusional and hallucinatory live MIDI loop