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CWI TX16Wx Beta Updated

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CWI Technology has updated the beta release of TX16Wx Software Sampler to version 0.9.05.

Changes in v0.9.05:

  • Fixed outputs not detected correctly in FL Studio and others.
  • Fixed graphics glitch in key mapping editor.
  • Added support for sustenuto (sustain) and damper (hold) pedal.

Changes in v0.9.04:

  • Added quickstart guide.
  • Fixed group separate messing up splits.
  • Fixed file selector graphics messed up on WinXP.
  • Fixed missing waves breaking load of host plugin data.
  • Fixed newly sampled waves not saved in host plugin data.
  • Fixed crash on wave preview in split.
  • Fixed wave load play looping.
  • Fixed frozen modulation of volume, pan and pitch cancelled by non-frozen.
  • Oneshot voices now always retrigger, even in Mono mode.
  • Fixed crash when saving empty wave.
  • Fixed race+crash with all notes off.

Changes in v0.9.03:

  • Added loop start & end modulation.
  • Added glide modulation.
  • Made mono mode handle held notes correctly.
  • Fixed broken XSD definitions for polyphonic modes.
  • Fixed wave start modulation units.
  • Fixed "goto" in sample editor.
  • Fixed sample editor update on drag&drop of samples.
  • Tweaked resonance of filter to be a little less loud&aggressive.
  • Reduced automatable program slots to 32.
  • Added 48 assignable automation parameters.

Changes in v0.9.02:

  • Added indicators to groups in keymap editor on noteon trigger.
  • Added quick select mode. When holding any mode selector key depressed and playing MIDI notes, the matching groups and splits will be selected in a rotating fashion.
  • Reworked sample auto-layout to give better results.
  • Fixed "wave start" group attribute not saved correctly in programs.

Changes in 0.9.01:

  • Added drag & drop support for waves, programs and performances.
  • Fixed graphics bug when editing group name in group list editor.
  • Keyboard mapping editor can now edit select parameters for multiple groups at a time.
  • Fixed tempo-synced LFO position offset.
  • Added global settings + dialogs for import of already loaded items.
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