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Dangerous Bear Underground Prometheus X

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Dangerous Bear Underground Prometheus X
News Dangerous Bear Underground Prometheus X

Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from Dangerous Bear Underground

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Dangerous Bear Underground has announced the release of Prometheus X, a new wave-sequencing sampler VSTi for Windows, with the same features as DBU's flagship Prometheus, except with a new 900 MB sfz soundset.

Prometheus XPrometheus X is powered by version 5.6.8 of the WusikEngine and is, in addition to being a sample-playing synth, a true sampler, one of the few VSTi that can itself record. The Sample Editor, where you record or load samples and create new or edit existing soundsets and from which you can launch your favorite audio editing software for even more extensive and detailed editing and processing, and the Wavesequencer, which is a powerful host-synced multi-line step sequencer to trigger samples and modulate their pitch, pan, level and other synth parameters are the main features.

Other notable basic features include:

  • Six layers, each addressable by a different MIDI channel and with its own output, two of which may be used as wave-sequencers.
  • Four resonant multi-mode filters plus four-band EQ per layer.
  • Dedicated volume envelope per layer, plus eight multi-wave LFOs and eight assignable ADSR envelopes among the sources for an extensive modulation matrix.
  • One insert effect per layer and two global send effects; each FX unit can load any of 41 algorithms including reverbs, delays, modulation effects, distortion and more.
  • 128-voice polyphony.
  • HQ oversampling playback mode.
  • Disk-streaming sample playback with selectable buffer size.
  • Loads wav files, sfz and proprietary WusikSND and DASHsnd format samples.

Prometheus X features a soundset of synth timbres, drums and other diverse percussives, keys and more. This all-new soundset compliments the more extensive Prometheus library, so it makes a great expander for the flagship instrument.

The Prometheus X soundset is also available as a library for users who already have a WusikEngine synth. Note that it is in sfz format and so will require WusikEngine 5.6.2 or better. Exploiting the use of the sfz format, presets for Cakewalk’s Dimension and Rapture will be available for Prometheus X users who are also users of those synths.

Prometheus X costs $60 for the VST instrument or $30 for the library only option but there is an introductory price of $50 / $25 through November 17th, 2008. Special cross-grade pricing will be available to users of Prometheus and other selected Dangerous Bear products.
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