IK Multimedia Sampletank 2 XL
IK Multimedia Sampletank 2 XL

Sampletank 2 XL, Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from IK Multimedia in the Sampletank series.

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guitarwild 09/20/2005

IK Multimedia Sampletank 2 XL : guitarwild's user review


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Installation is no problem, it's true, there is a destination for the program, and another for her, it's normal, it is on, following a further notice read that if you do has failed or is the destination, well shame is not the fault of the software if the installer does not follow the steps to take, it's true that long, but every app that has several CD, any incompatibilities, while the sound loads, no bugs, no worries really, it's true it's resource heavy, but after realizing the operation (do not open multiple Sampltank) and the ability to "freeze "the instrument, and then we can open more, so good, manual in English, damage


KT4AV MSI, AMD Athlon proc, 1.8 ghz, 1024 ram, 80MB hard disk, sound card + creamware scope, I use Cubase Sampletank 2XL XS2, everything is stable, no worries ,!!!! the PC is only a computer music


I use it for over a year and every day, even when the least is the choice of instruments is being done with the mouse, the arrows of choice up / down are really too small not found any shortcuts keyboard, I try several sampler (giga / akai) and Sampletank 2XL is actually faster to load (important not to lose the thread of the composition) the price is right even if it's still too expensive, but This avoids the purchase of other software of this type, so I find it complete (apart all manip a mouse) I would not hesitate to repeat this choice, I spoke and showed a musician friends, when it is said one can understand the simplicity of this app