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Wlodzimierz Grabowski Samplelord Update

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Wlodzimierz Grabowski Samplelord
News Wlodzimierz Grabowski Samplelord

Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from Wlodzimierz Grabowski

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W.Grabowski has updated Samplelord to v1.5 and announced that several new versions - Samplelord Dev, Samplelord x64 for 64-bit Windows systems and Samplelord Leo for Mac OS X - are under development.

Two new Samplelord’s sub-versions have also been released for V-Machine users: Samplelord Le is free and Samplelord VM costs €40.

Both versions work with the V-Machine hardware plug-in player only.

Changes in v1.5:
  • MANUAL: Updated and new manuals in PDF Format.
  • MEMORY: /3GB switch support added. Allows to use more >2GB RAM memory per instance.
  • MEMORY: Memory Sample Management and Memory overload protection added.
  • ENGINE: New Voice Allocation method.
  • GUI: Audio Level Meter added.
  • EXPORT: Multi Bundle Format added, replaces previous archive of multi and improves way of exporting of all multi setup.
  • GUI: Hide GUI button added.
  • DISK STREAMING: File Precaching added.
  • IMPORT: Advanced Import Options… added, allows to tweak and optimize patch load if needed.
  • GM: Automatic Bank Load added, it replaces previous 'Auto load General MIDI banks’ option.
  • GUI: CPU/HD Meter added.
  • EXPORT: Export Single Instrument added.
  • DISK STREAMING: Patch Streaming added.
  • PLAYING: NoteOff Trigger Level options added.
  • GUI: Color Themes added.
  • MULTI: Auto Search… button added in Missing Files dialog.
  • MULTI: Midi Filter added.
  • USE: Instrument Reset to Clear Channel. It clears all channel settings to its default values without removing instrument.
  • USE: Unload Instrument removes also a links to this instrument.
  • LICENSE: Added automatic license search.
  • ENGINE: Added automatic voice releasing when audio signal goes silent.
  • ENGINE: Fixed bug in voice kill method and elimination dropouts when file is releasing.
  • DISK STREAMING: Changed default size of Buffer Streaming to 64KB.
  • FILE: Fixed file overwrite while Bank or Instrument Export, when instrument is (re)saved within the same file.
  • INFO: Added more exact message error info when patch or sample could not be found and there was not enough memory to load all sample content.
  • MEMORY: Fixed crash with memory overload.
  • MEMORY: Fixed possible memory leaks in disk streaming.
  • IMPORT: Improved auto-search in Halion import.
  • IMPORT: Fixed crash with EmulatorX files.
  • EXPORT: Fixed problem in wrong sample link save when a bank was exported and contains free not used samples.
  • COLLECTION: Improved collections Bank Numbers values greater than 128 can be used.
  • COLLECTION: Improved files with absolute paths were not found when they were located in the same folder as collection file.
  • COLLECTION: Fixed files which were not found were not added to the list now they are marked with ERR in the name.
  • INSTALLER: Improved installations, standalone version installs into its own folder, VSTi destination folder selection and automatic license installation.
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