Garagecube Modul8 v2
Garagecube Modul8 v2

Modul8 v2, VJ Software from Garagecube.

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CNek 01/12/2007

Garagecube Modul8 v2 : CNek's user review


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I use version 2.5 on a mac mini core duo + raptor 10k, frankly meaningless perf level despite the GMA950 64MB sharing could turn a quiet;)

Otherwise I test most software like Arkaos, Resolume, Flowmotion (Mac), Isadora (mac) and Grid. Ben does not such a good care of stuff (graphics, multi-threaded Intel etc.), it starts much faster and crashes less, more Modul8 is the most flexible (module library put online days by users) and once you adhre the concept while rolling like balls. From photoshop and other picture program I quickly used to the layers. I also began a little to deal with quartz mumuse that Integrates perfectly with M8 (except better interactivity and export. MOV for more perf and the same result)

I prcise I'm just beginners in the VJ'ing and this program offers the best grip for those who do not like too much to the head (like with Max / Jitter, Isadora and consortium) and to have a convincing rsultat in a short learning curve, I use a keyboard EDIROL PCR-50 (8knobs/8faders/49touches) and everything works pretty well. Although the rve is having to do without the mouse, I have a strong ptite BCR2000;)