Behringer Ultravoice Digital VX2496
Behringer Ultravoice Digital VX2496

Ultravoice Digital VX2496, Vocal Processor from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

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Moody 13 03/23/2008

Behringer Ultravoice Digital VX2496 : Moody 13's user review


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So the we will, of rglages we are!! Analog technology numrique with signal converter. Jacks and XLR connectors In and Out. MODEL rack, although Obviously!


So in short, it is not empty .. It can easily be dcourag (almost be my case!) By the complexity of the bte ... The knobs you want to behold you turn in, but be careful, have to be careful how they are run as a rglage can dfaire another, or if it is done well complment be a short, gas plant, whatever! But when (after a few weeks when even!) You get to use it, I'm not saying it's ecstasy, but not far! The manual is in French, trs complete (complex?)


No effects, but many need to know paramtres rgler align and if you want a sound from hell! . It's a little one "while an" evil or false step leads to a catastrophe that must sound again and patiently raligner .. Personally, I use it as an insert for the voices of artists who just save, because frankly, I do not see this unit to the road or be used on scne (no intrt major).


I use it for 1 year in my home studio, where the voices of the singers have taken with a same size as me ... I am not n'esprais The report quality price for this type of device is amazing, when you know what services it can make ... Although I sr remake that choice!