DigiTech Vx400
DigiTech Vx400

Vx400, Vocal Processor from DigiTech in the Vocalist series.

dannyv 08/25/2008

DigiTech Vx400 : dannyv's user review


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This is a pretty neat pedal. It has all kinds of effects that can, and will, totally transform your voice. It comes with 40 factory and 40 user presets. The user and the factory effects start out the same but the user effects can be tweaked and pretty much completely changed into a different effect, whereas the factory presets can not be changed. As long as I've had this pedal I haven't wanted to change any of the user effects so I don't know how user friendly that proess is for this particular pedal. I have used other DigiTeh multi-effects processers though, and they were very easy to make your own preset effects. The Vx400 doubles as a recording interface and comes with pro tracks recording software. This is a really awesome feature because you can start recording with just the push of the two left footswitches. Another awesome feature about the Vx400 is the expression pedal. The expression pedal is used differently for different effects, such as add more or less volume, change pitch and add more or less of an effect.


It is very easy to get started using the Vx400. You just power it up with the included power adapter and plug in a microphone and a speaker output and you're set. If you want to use the included recording software it takes a little more time. Everything you need is included on the disc and once you get all of the software installed you can hook up the Vx400 to your computer via the included USB cable.


The effects the Vx400 has are amazing. My favorite effect to use on this pedal is the pitch change. With the expression pedal in the heel position, you can get a low, bassy, monsterous tone, and then change to an extremely high pitched wine, in the toe position.


I have had this pedal for about 2 years and it has done exactly what I bought it for, which was voice changing effects. As far as durablity goes this pedal is not anything to brag about. After a while something happened on the inside of mine and I think some springs popped loose or something. I haven't really needed to use it in a few months so I haven't tried to fix it or tried to see if I could get a warranty repair. All around it has been a great pedal though and I would defnitely recommend it to anyone who needs a voice effects pedal.