DigiTech Vocal 300
DigiTech Vocal 300

Vocal 300, Vocal Processor from DigiTech in the Vocalist series.

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comment-tu-dis? 06/25/2004

DigiTech Vocal 300 : comment-tu-dis?'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Inputs: Microphone (XLR), line (jack), CD (stereo mini jack)
- Outputs: Microphone (XLR), Line (TRS stereo), headphone (mini jack)
- ANA Converters: 24 bit Delta Sigma
- Frquence of Sampling: 44.1 kHz
- Bandwidth: 20 to 20 Khz
- S / N Ratio: 97 dB
- Memory: 40 user presets / 40 Factory presets
- Effects: Comps, Preamps (TubePre, overdrive, grunge, darkside, monster, chipmunk, lunar, lo-fi, robot, wizard, alien, telephone), Eq, Gate, Modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, strobe, double envelope, pixelator, detune, pitch, Whammy), Delays (digital, analog, ping-pong), Reverb (8 types)
- Expression pedal (calibrated)
- 2 switches up / down (presets), a bypass switch


I use it all the time to Live, rpt ... The main connectors are all symtrique (XLR I / O, stereo TRS). The use and rglages are really childish, no need for manual ...
Even if it is a multi-fx plutt destiny to live, even when I use it sometimes in the studio sounds that I can not pass me on some songs. In this case, another couple I preamp dt a 48Volt power supply. The new version VX400 possde the power supply, the rest is identical.

2 connections are possible:
- XLR output, the unit appears to Mono and temperatures requiring a preamp rattaquer the table.
- Output TRS stereo jack, using a Y cable you then go on a recorder or a console line level. It is prfrable to use this connection if you want the best quality benefitted from stereo effects (delay, chorus, etc ...) and simulated preamp.


TRS is a good product. Convertos of good quality. The potential effects of standards, classic + (reverb, delay ...) to the exotic + (detune, robotics, whammy, etc. ...). The hack is almost limitless. I use it for voice with a Sennheisser E-855, but the range frequency drives can probably use a + large (eg acoustic guitar).

The fact that I use very often is the "Double". Super efficient. It is a kind of chorus that gives a EHJV incredible voice. I add a comp and a tubepreamp ... and go. As a group, the voice passes aisment above the other instrumentals. Y also bcp effects "gadget" for PForm his voice, even if they are not always useful to have the MRIT drles even be scary .... Eg, I like to cover their tracks and boot a concert Annona our group with a serious voice + Bary White enrhumm ...

Manir gnrale of few factory presets are very usable. + It is prfrable and efficient to do so-even. Ds that starts the camera, we go live in "performance" ... it - say that the presets are not figs: one can live well rgler low, mid, treble and level gnral. Changing presets can be done in Manir discrte in bypass mode.


- I have been using for about 2 / 3 years and not spare me more.
- I love the sound quality and simplicity of use.
- The report qualitprix is ​​excellent, especially today (I had about 450 pay its release)
- Apart from the racks, I do not know any other equivalents.
- I would do without this choice hsitation. Ms. deuxime MODEL kick my a good, when using two microphones.