DigiTech Vocalist Live 3
DigiTech Vocalist Live 3

Vocalist Live 3, Vocal Processor from DigiTech in the Vocalist series.

bib1 01/02/2011

DigiTech Vocalist Live 3 : bib1's user review

«  ♪ ..... ♪ like effect ... »

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There a doc in French on the site.
No PC connection.
2 Outputs guitar, mixed to the microphone output (with a reberb and chorus) and an output amplifier to the thru.
Stereo output not convincing ...
Effective noise gate, compressor, but also to test on PA
Humanize the knob serves to shift the votes of the lead vocals to give the impression that the choirs are human and not quite a place with good lead .... I do not see too much interest, since in TIMES we go from hours to block the chorus with the singer: (
48 v power supply for micro studio very practical ...


Very intuitive to use and quite handy but I would have liked the option of storing all the config in the patches (reverb, delay, pitch) and not just the harmony.
5 2 patch set, it must be sufficient to test


live .... I plug an electric guitar or acoustic.
Even arpege it is the 2nd and 3rd voice, very achievable, not too robotic.
We must respect the human vocal range to avoid it sounds too strange.
The way males and females are quite realistic.
Indeed strengthen a voice in dual mode.


I use it at home but I think the take répetiton, mainly to reinforce choirs and not for the lead vocals, not to fall into the trap to put across.
I did try anything else so no comparison possible.
I took it after seeing the demos on youtube though we only see demo with cheesy pop song that works well for rock as well, with rapid changes accompanying agreements too.
At my regular supplier in Germany, I have a month to return it if it does not please me .... .... ♫ ♪ ....
At first sight, I'll keep it. Very interresting