DigiTech Vocalist VHM5
DigiTech Vocalist VHM5

Vocalist VHM5, Vocal Processor from DigiTech in the Vocalist series.

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maxxx 12/13/2005

DigiTech Vocalist VHM5 : maxxx's user review


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Vocoder, harmonizer vocal effects processor (DJ, transfer ...). The VHM5 is capable of many voices and generate choirs from a lead vocal. Practical tool for use on stage or in the studio, with an extraordinary quality. Line inputs, microphone jack / XLR. Control via keyboard or interface / MIDI keyboard in. Mixing dry / effect. 9v power supply. Effect and harmonic modes prselectionns: 256 users presets and presets.

Diatonic chordal harmonies, and 5 parts natural harmonies
-Chorus, portamento, dj voice
Audio + midi-
-Compact body with an octave keyboard


-Read the instructions and APRS tests, a will alone.
-Edition factory sounds easy, use APRS for sounds, you must have a good ear and have some understanding of harmony.
Manual clear.


Sound quality
Realistic Effects -provided you do not abuse it too much and have set the Vocalist .
-If used with all instruments  or one instrument.
- All effects are well done.


Global Reviews
-Used for 12 years, timeless 
-The most useful part about this device is that with several instruments, it's harmonizes automatically! A must.
-I have never used an equal or more practical device, convenient in the studio or on stage.
Device is quite expensive but its price is largely justified.
-It is obvious that the same choice I do it again because I matrise well bte and second thought, did the singers for cheap!
- Equivalent vocalist II
CATEGORY: Vocal Processors
Manufacturer: DigiTech
Argus at 12/12/05: 290