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[NAMM] TC Helicon debuts the VoiceLive Touch 2

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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2
News TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2

Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon belonging to the VoiceLive series

Public price: $599 incl. VAT

TC-Helicon announces VoiceLive Touch 2, the successor to its vocal processor and looper launched in 2010.

With a completely reworked user interface, real-time control and new effects, the VoiceLive Touch 2 provides a complete suite of vocal effects, including Harmony. Its new Touch Matrix interface with Slider FX allows precise real-time control and modulation, and the VLOOP Performance Looper adds loop-specific effects to the mix.

VoiceLive Touch 2 automatically takes care of vocal tone with adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating. 


  • 9 button Touch Matrix for editing and control
  • Slider FX for hands-on experimentation
  • Hit button switches multiple effects!
  • Six-track vocal looper with midi sync and realtime loop-specific FX
  • Dedicated tap tempo button matches Delay and Rhythmic effects timing to live beats
  • Tone feature includes Adaptive EQ, Compression, Gating and De-essing
  • Harmonies and pitch correction via Auto Key Detection
  • Effects customizing with styles and icons
  • Library of song and artist presets
  • Optional 3-button footswitch allows hands-free control
  • Reverb, modulation effects and tuner for guitar input
  • Mic stand-to-desktop non-skid chassis
  • Built-in mic pre-amp
  • USB for audio recording and playback, preset backup and more
  • Mic Control compatible
  • µMod – creates flanger, detune, chorus and pitch dive effects
  • Delay – tempo-based or timed echoes, slap, and extensive filter styles selection
  • Reverbs
  • Harmony – up to 4 backup singers arranged by your guitar, keyboard or bed track
  • Choir – recreates the buzz of a large singing group, can be combined with Harmony
  • Double – a solo or group of unison singers to fatten and widen your melodies
  • Transducer – simulates radios, megaphones and distortion effects
  • Rhythm – tempo effect that creates chopper, panning and modern stutter effects
  • HardTune – Auto tuning, pitch and gender


The VoiceLive Touch 2 will be available late march 2013, price retails at $599.99 / 599€. More information on www.tc-helicon.com/voicelive-touch-2/.

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