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TC-Helicon VoiceTone R1
TC-Helicon VoiceTone R1

Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon belonging to the VoiceTone series.

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JimboSpins JimboSpins

« A great pedal for the price! »

Publié le 01/02/13 à 00:38
The Voice Tone R1 is a vocal reverb effect pedal that is very affordable. It brings studio quality effects right to your “foot” for a live show so you can easily switch back and forth to the vocal effects that you want. The quality of this pedal is great for the price and it gives you some great reverb types like ambience, theater, club, hall and a few others.


This pedal is very easy to use and set up because there is no set up process at all. There are only two separate knobs and a switch to activate the effects. It is very simple to operate, just put the style of reverb that you want and the amount that you want and you are done!


If you are going to plug your microphone directly into the box, you will not have to worry about any preamp noises because it is very quiet. It is ready to be used with almost any microphone and it can even be used to hook up to your PC via USB.


I did think that since it could connect to your computer via USB that TC Helicon would have done more stuff to make it better or update it over the web. But they really did not spend much time on making any changes so you could do anything special. It is mainly for a line of support in case you need help. They say there are updates but I have not tried to update nor have we got any alerts about an update for it. This pedal is made very well and will last you forever. It works great and will give you usable reverb quickly. The price is the most attractive part about this pedal. It is a must have for this price, and the main mic we used with it was just a Shure SM58 which is a cheaper microphone anyways.
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